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We are on a mission to revolutionise the future of DeFi.

Take A Look At The Amazing Results We Have Achieved

The idea for SwapDEX emerged end of 2020 with an industry of crypto holders plagued by extreme high transaction costs and long transaction times on the Ethereum network. The foundational idea was to create a DApp that enables users to swap and trade ERC-20 tokens at near-zero fees.

While searching for a viable solution it became clear that SwapDEX needed its own blockchain. In early 2021 the team decided to utilize a tomo chain (TOMO) fork to integrate the requested cross-chain functionality. The tech behind Tomo quickly exposed itself as insufficient, slow and user unfriendly.

During Q3 2021, SwapDEX made the decision to pivot to a disruptive new framework for blockchain development called Substrate and partner with Starkley-Tech a substrate development firm. This enabled the team to build two fully-customized blockchains with all features needed to bring SwapDEX to the market.

$4 million dollar market cap

At 250m SDX total supply in year one

Mainnet and Testnet fully operational

SwapDEX and Kusari Network

More than 1000 hodlers

Of our SDX coin and bSDX token
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Bitcoin - DeFi X Webflow Template

A New Era Of Decentralised Finance Has Arrived

Powered by our custom-built blockchains, SwapDEX introduced a lightning fast bridge technology that enables cross chain token swaps in less than 60 seconds at near-zero transaction costs.

<60 sec

Cross-chain transaction times of crypto assets to BSC.

0.005 USD

Bridge fee to transfer crypto assets from SDX to BSC

The Values That Drive SwapDEX

Ease of use is paramount.


The SwapDEX network is owned by its hodlers. We empower everyone so that their voice can be heard.


True decentralisation means community operated validators, security and decentralised decision power.


Information is key and we love to share everything we do in our bi-weekly AMA series on Discord & YouTube.


DeFi should always provide relevant and easy to use solutions for its users.

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Our mission is to revolutionise the future of DeFi by providing the industry-leading blockchain, exchange, and end to end financial platform within a community-governed ecosystem.

Meet The Team

The SwapDEX team is an international team of crypto experts and DeFi enthusiasts with backgrounds in various professions. We are mainly based in central Europe (UK, Germany, Belgium) but also work close together with members in USA and Australia.

Head of Community

What does the press say?

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Our Partners

As an open platform, the SwapDEX Network welcomes new ideas and existing projects.