About Us

SwapDEX is a decentralized Web3 blockchain built on substrate technology by a team of experts. Our vision is that cryptocurrency should not just be limited to experienced users but should also give ease of access to the most novice users, allowing everyone to keep custody of their own assets without being tied to centralized applications.

This is how the SwapDEX idea was born, to give users a truly decentralized ecosystem of the highest security, and to bring complete satisfaction to the end user. Including, but not limited to: cheap, fast and secure transactions, trading and investment opportunities, gaming, and a great place to store assets on an ecosystem which is truly decentralized.

Starting in September 2021, SwapDEX’s journey began with the development of its canary network "Kusari". The intended goal was not just to use it as a test-net for future use-cases, chain runtime upgrades and general chain development, but also a platform where future projects and developers can test out their DApps before pushing upgrades to the main SwapDEX Chain making sure their code is bug free and without errors.

SwapDEX decentralised consensus protocols allow users to vote on proposals without needing to trust any single entity. The result is a system where no single person or group controls the network. Instead, anyone who wants to participate can do so, and all participants get equal say in how the network operates.

So come and join us on this journey to bring users freedom they deserve from this current financial climate.