Beyond the Governance: The Technical Committee

Beyond the Governance: The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is one of three bodies for the SwapDEX and Kusari blockchain governance (with the Council and the Referendum Chamber being the other two).

In this article, we will cover the Technical Committee,

the chamber of our governance that is responsible for the implementation of bug fixes, reversing faulty runtime upgrades and adding potential new and battle-tested features (which were previously put to the test on the Kusari Innovator Network) as well as safeguarding the governance against ill-intended referenda.

The Technical Committee is also the only instance that is able to fast-track urgent proposals via the Democracy pallet.

Fast-tracked Proposals can be moved to the referendum stage and is the only case where two referenda can be voted for at the same time.

An Example for this was the slash that was caused due to a massive server outage in March 2022, where the proposal to reverse the slash and reimburse the stakeholders was fast-tracked.

On the SwapDEX Chain, the Technical Committee was appointed through the SUDO-Pallet but over time, the committee should consist of teams that for example have successfully implemented SwapDEX runtimes or other important updates to the blockchain.

Teams can be added or removed from the Technical Committee through a simple majority vote of the Council.

For more information, check out our offical Documentation.