SwapDEX Dashboard Beta Live Now

SwapDEX Dashboard Beta Live Now
The SwapDEX Dashboard Beta is now open for public testing

Today we are pleased to announce that our web app dashboard beta is ready to use and open to the public.


Over the past few days, we offered all users a chance to test the app and give us some vital feedback to enable us to bring a nice and easy solution to all SwapDEX users with a nice and simple UI to navigate around our chain with ease.

With the feedback received we listened and took notes to make sure our community and project develops with not only our vision but with ideas and suggestions from the community involved in testing and because as you know its you guys who will be the forefront of how we manage and run this blockchain, so we thank all those who took the time and effort to help us.

With that said these guys who tested for us will be given a SwapDEX NFT which will reward them in the coming days and years to come with passive SDX from all the chain transactions.

So back to the App, when you open dashboard you will see we have categories such as wallets, bridge, explorer, validators and staking where users are able to interact directly from their wallets on our dashboard and further in the future we will be moving away from the polkadot JS as this will be the cockpit to all our chain ecosystem along with our NFT marketplace and exchanges all in one place making us not only a standalone project but very unique to any other projects out there but we envision to bring the very best and latest tech to our users.

So with above please bare in mind that we are still in a beta version of our dashboard web app and are still looking for feedback from the wider community so we will try our best to take these suggestions on board whilst still developing our road-map to completion and very soon we will be opening up further tests when our AMM and Limit order DEX is ready, this will not be very long so keep a look out for that when we ask for testers to help us bring the next milestone to SwapDEX and the blockchain communities as an whole. Thanks, from all the SwapDEX team.