Join the NFT Creators incentive on Swapdex NFT Marketplace and Win Big!

Join the NFT Creators incentive on Swapdex NFT Marketplace and Win Big!

Calling all creators, artists, and NFT enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce creator incentive on the Swapdex NFT Marketplace that will give creators of digital artworks the chance to win some incredible prizes while showcasing their talent and creativity.

Each creator who deploys a collection on the Swapdex Marketplace will receive a Swapdexican NFT which will give them a chance to win some great prizes when milestones on volume traded through the marketplace are met, this incentive is open to all creators and will give each holder great benefits from just holding one of these NFTs.

The Swapdexicans and the free Prize offer:

The Swapdexicans, are a unique collection of 1,000 NFTs that are exclusive to the Swapdex NFT Marketplace. These limited-edition digital treasures will play a central role in our ecosystem incentive program and for every creator who designs and launches their own NFT collection on our platform, we will be delighted to offer them a Swapdexican NFT as a token of our appreciation which will give them many benefits and opportunities just by holding one of them.

Imagine holding one of these rare NFTs, knowing that it could give you a chance to win some amazing prizes as the volume progresses.
With each milestone reached on the NFT trading volume, a raffle draw will take place.
The lucky winner of each draw will receive a remarkable prize, which could be anything from an unforgettable holiday, a special event experience, or even a substantial cash reward.

As the volume progresses, the odds of winning become more enticing. At the start even if only 20 creators have participated and received their Swapdexican NFTs and the first volume target of 20m is reached, each of them would have a 1 in 20 chance of claiming one of the milestone prizes if their Swapdexican NFT is drawn out.
When a winner is drawn, they will need to burn their Swapdexican NFT to claim their well-deserved reward, leaving one less NFT in the running for future draws giving each holder a better chance to win the raffle.

But the excitement doesn't end there. As the Swapdex NFT Marketplace grows and attracts more trading volume, each holder increases that chance to secure a prize, so In the long run, as the platform reaches significant milestones, such as 20 billion in traded value, every single Swapdexican NFT will secure a prize.
It may take time to reach that point, but rest assured, each and every lucky owner who holds a Swapdexican NFT will ultimately win a remarkable prize.

The competition on the Swapdex NFT Marketplace promises an exhilarating journey for creators and collectors alike. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of NFTs, showcase your artistic flair, and potentially win unforgettable experiences or substantial cash rewards and the Swapdexicans, with their limited supply, add an element of exclusivity and anticipation to the mix.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Swapdex NFT Marketplace, create your own NFT collection, and join the race to claim one of these very rare NFTs.


  1. Participating wallets must have a history of interaction with the network and hold a minimum of 5000 SDX
  2. Only one Swapdexican NFT will be issued per collection that meets our quality requirements.
  3. Each collection must consist of at least 30 unique NFTs with at least 25% sold
  4. All collections will be subject to a community vote. Collections that pass this vote are eligible for a Swapdexican NFT.
  5. Collections with similar or duplicate artwork across multiple collections may be flagged and disqualified.

Disclaimer: The Swapdexican NFTs are digital collectibles and not investments. They do not represent shares, ownership, or rights in any enterprise. They do not guarantee any return on investment or profit. The rewards associated with the Swapdexican NFTs are not guaranteed and are subject to various factors including the performance of the Swapdex NFT Marketplace and the number of eligible participants. All participants should conduct their own due diligence and consult with a legal advisor, if necessary, before participating in the offer.

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