SDX Bridge Update Live - What's New?

SDX Bridge Update brings new BSC assets to the SwapDEX Ecosystem

Our bridge has been pushed live today!

You can visit our dashboard and take a look around the bridge section to see how it all works and maybe bridge some assets between the two chains, link here: SwapDEX TEST Dashboard

Users now have the ability to bridge assets such as bSDX, wBNB, BUSD and also the Kazama token back and forth from BSC to SDX and vica versa very fast, secure and cheap as chips, these tokens are just the start of many EVM assets being able to be added to the bridge, and which will be eventually give both substrate and EVM based chain a place to interchange with each others projects.

Starting this week additions to the bridge for the Polygon ecosystem will be added to enable us to onboard another project that as shown an interest and as a market cap of around 60m, so applying the MATIC token bridge will help them bring over some users from their existing project over to the SwapDEX chain all being well.

Further to that, over the weekend we allowed users to write a small article on "what is a Parachain" and "how will it benefit SwapDEX becoming a Parachain"? so regarding this we asked a random user (AllthingswithJoy) to pick a winner and are happy to say that Sh4kal#6966 with his well written piece came out on top, so he will now have his name down to receive a NFT that rewards him SDX over the lifetime of the chains transactions.