SwapDEX Marketing Campaign is Underway

SwapDEX Marketing Campaign is Underway

Developing a cryptocurrency marketing strategy requires diligent research and can be overwhelming initially. A structured plan will lessen anxiety by providing a logical sequence of tasks saving valuable time and money.

Developing a cryptocurrency marketing strategy requires diligent research and can be overwhelming initially. A structured plan will lessen anxiety by providing a logical sequence of tasks saving valuable time and money. This can easily make the difference in whether your project succeeds or not. So, a good place to begin is by considering where your cryptocurrency project fits into the overall digital market. What will your network provide that makes your product(s) unique and more appealing? It is extremely important to express these attributes to both potential investors and marketers so you can make a larger and lasting impact.

SwapDex is carving out its own niche in the cryptocurrency world. I can’t help but reiterate our mission to revolutionize Defi by providing the industry leading-blockchain, exchange, and end to end financial platform with a community-driven ecosystem. We will provide an integrative platform for all DeFi solutions. Each of our utility clusters are composed of DApps and services which support investors navigating the DeFi space. Our dashboard is a decentralized web-based platform that will interact with the SwapDex ecosystem. The SwapDex community runs a nominated proof of stake validator architecture which allows for optimal security and performance. Our two-custom made Substrate blockchains SwapDex and Kusari are EVM compatible with the Kusari chain acting as a test-net canary blockchain. Our DEX will be deployed on the Substrate side of our chain later this year providing an all-in-one trading and investing platform with multi-chain access. Our chain brings very fast transaction speeds 1500 tps, and very low transaction fees, which we know is very appealing and highly sought after by crypto investors and traders. Finally, we have nominated proof of stake blockchains employing forkless upgrades, and a community governed ecosystem bringing versatility and stability to our blockchains.

Our first DApp, Kazama is currently deployed on our canary Kusari chain, and will be moving to our SwapDex chain as it launches in the near future on the EVM side. This will be the typical sequence for DApp deployment first to test their wares on the Kusari test-net before moving to the SwapDex chain. Kazama will utilize our native coin SDX and their token for trading, farming LP pools, staking including NFT’s, and there will be staking and farming auctions on their DEX. We are very proud to collaborate with this project building on our chain. It is a PancakeSwap clone with protocol improvements. Some have even referred to Kazama as PancakeSwap on steroids. SwapDex is an open system welcoming partnering and collaboration with other cryptocurrency networks to achieve stated aspirations and future goals.

We are in the initial stages of our marketing plan. Here are some of the marketing sites we have brokered with to promote our network as relayed in our recent community marketing AMA. We have reached out to Facebook’s social media Crypto Moon Signal group which has a 200k membership to promote our SwapDex Network allowing us to pin promotional messages there.

We are utilizing Coinzilla premium to promote our unique crypto niche. Coinzilla reaches a very wide audience with 1 billion impressions per month. One of their main goals regarding advertising is to provide high-quality leads by carefully selecting the publishers that join their network. We plan to advertise using various banners promoting our network on many of their highest quality cryptocurrency publisher websites.

In order to attract other developers to our chains we are utilizing DappRadar for advertising. With over 10k DApps, 20 protocols and an audience of 1/2 million monthly users worldwide, Dapp Radar is considered the go-to DApp exploration platform. It is an integrated platform where DApps are published and ranked. DappRadar brings a hungry educated audience to visit and view our SDX protocol listing situated with ETH and BNB. DApps deployed on our chains can be easily accessed through a portal system. There will be several phases to the marketing campaigns focusing on pre-launch, launch, and post-launch with monthly and quarterly reports generated post launch which will attract institutional investors to the SwapDex Network.

We are also spreading the word to large audiences with public service announcements documenting our progress and successes, and by publishing articles and posts by the SwapDex Network and Community on Social Media platforms like Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Our coins are currently listed on PancakeSwap for sale under bSDX and bKSI. Hot off the press our coins are listed on Coinsniper and Coincodex currently displaying current prices of our Binance wrapped coins. Soon our native coins will be sold on our first DApp EVM Kazama DEX and our very own Substrate SwapDEX in the near future. Plans continue for displaying our coins on other data analysis information sites like CoinGecko, and Coin Market Cap, and eventually, as the network evolves and grows, on additional larger exchanges. Very exciting times ahead indeed as we partner with marketing agencies to expand our SwapDex Brand and reach larger audiences across the Cryptocurrency sphere. We will continue to update you on our future marketing ventures and successes.