SwapDEX Network partners with PDO.Finance

SwapDEX Network partners with PDO.Finance

Good afternoon,

We are pleased to announce a partnership with PDO.Finance.

PDO.Finance is an innovative new protocol and part of the Qonetum ecosystem. Qonetum develops brilliant DeFi solutions and has built a suite of DeFi products geared toward solving liquidity issues on the blockchain.

This partnership unites SwapDex with Qonetum's community of over 100K users across multiple platforms. Qonetum spent the past 24 months building and testing PDO.Finance and is preparing to launch on the Binance Smart Chain, now known as the BNB Smart Chain.  They will celebrate the launch with a set of five projects as partners.  SwapDex is among this select group. Contemporaneous with the launch, Qonteum is bringing more awareness to PDO.Finance and SwapDEX with premium and high-format media exposure.

This collaboration will benefit our community with the goal of achieving four essential outcomes:

Deepen SwapDEX liquidity on Pancake Swap to decrease the price volatility and allow more significant transactions without a considerable price impact.

Provide an additional staking opportunity to our community with fixed APY enabling users to engage in a set-and-forget staking approach.

Raise funds in the future without selling company tokens on the open market, which impacts the bSDX token price.

Introduce SwapDex to an established community of DeFi users with  premium media exposure.

Here is how it works:

Post Dex Offerings or PDOs are a hybrid fundraising, liquidity mining and strategic staking solution crafted from a fully decentralized suite of products, designed to serve existing projects in bull and bear markets.PDO's allow projects to raise funds and deepen liquidity without harming the project by dumping tokens on the market.Prior to PDO, a project would need to sell tokens from the treasury to raise funds to cover the the cost of development, marketing or other initiatives. PDO's innovative technology gives investors peace of mind knowing their project will not dump tokens on the market and impact price whenever funds are needed to implement the roadmap.  Qonetum created a solution which allows projects to safely raise capital and rewards our community in the process by purchasing tokens at a discounted price.  As the treasury sells tokens, we will simultaneously deepen liquidity, generate funds and put buying pressure on the token.  We will be allocating a percentage of the proceeds from the token sales to automatically add liquidity directly to Pancake Swap.  PDO's smart contract buys bSDX tokens on the market, thereby raising the price, pairs it with BUSD and deposits the funds into our existing liquidity pool.  The bSDX tokens purchased will be automatically staked with a fixed APY.

The buyers will be rewarded with an attractive yield, the liquidity pool will deepen, there will be buy pressure on the token price and we will generate funds for development and marketing.