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New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim upto 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀
New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀
New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀
New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀
New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀
New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀
New to SwapDEX? - Click here to claim 💵$25 worth of SDX for free 🚀

The Web3, Cross-Chain Platform for True DeFi.

✅ Custom Built Substrate Blockchain
✅ Community-Owned Validators
✅ Decentralised Governance
✅ Fast, Secure and Low Transaction Fees
✅ NFTs, Launchpad & New DApps
✅ EVM Compatible
✅ Bridges to Major Blockchains

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Executive Summary

SwapDEX is an innovative approach to unchain the full potential of DeFi and boost the adoption of crypto

Custom-Built Blockchain

Benefit from a fine-tuned layer-one blockchain built to enhance the trading experience of investors.

Truly Decentralised

SwapDEX's nodes are 100% community-run ensuring that the power stays in the hands of the people.

Cross-Chain DeFi

Smash the barriers of isolated swaps, exchanges and staking opportunities with SwapDEX's multi-chain capability.

More Rewards

A custom blockchain that offers a large variety of passive earning opportunities. Staking, Mining, NFTs and many more.

More Control

SwapDEX's democracy function introduces fair and stake-independent voting with fork-less chain upgrades.

Smart Contracts

SwapDEX's tech empowers developers to deploy smart contracts fast, trouble-free and with ease. No changes needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to join our social media channels to connect with our community and admins who will help you answer any open question.

What makes SwapDEX unique?

The SwapDEX team developed their blockchain from the user's perspective with a low-fee, fast and cross-chain capable DEX and Swap DApp in mind. Rather than focusing on ambiguous blockchain performance indicators, SwapDEX focused on what matters most for user experience, ease of use and simplicity to bring an unique cross-chain DeFi experience to the market. This manifests in various aspects e.g. forkless runtime upgrades which renders hard-forks unnecessary keeping the developer community together and a truly decentralised governance that allows every holder to propose changes publicly which can be backed by the community to ensure user-centricity and to maintain the future relevance of the SwapDEX blockchain.

How fast is the SwapDEX blockchain?

SwapDEX utilizes a Smart-Performance logic which optimizes transaction throughput (TPS) and the time to transaction finality in relationship to the network load. This keeps the blockchain in an optimal place between eco-friendliness and performance and contributes to SwapDEX's sustainability. Currently SwapDEX performs at 1500 TPS, 60sec transaction finality and 300 community owned nodes.

Can I monitor my investments on an app?

Yes, SDX is listed by multiple coin and token trackers like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Coincodex. Furthermore, SwapDEX also launched its mobile app, enabling users to interact with SwapDEX's Substrate and EVM side through a single mobile interface.

Is the SwapDEX blockchain energy efficient?

Yes, SwapDEX utilizes a nominated proof of stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism, which does not require intense mathematical computations. The community can operate blockchain nodes on efficient cloud-hosted servers to minimize the carbon footprint of SDX. Furthermore, SwapDEX divided the consensus mechanism in two distinct protocols (BABE & GRANDPA) to decrease the network load and computational requirements while maintaining speed and security.

How many blockchains can be bridged?

The Substrate framework renders SwapDEX extremely versatile allowing seamless connections to the Polkadot ecosystem and all EVM-based blockchains. This enables SwapDEX to connect with the majority of blockchains currently available in the market e.g. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Polkadot, Moonbeam, Solana and many more.

Does SwapDEX support Solidity?

SwapDEX is Solidity-compatible. All of your favorite tools like Remix, Truffle, and Harthat work out of the box. But why stop at Solidity? SwapDEX also supports INK! a Rust-based embedded domain specific language (eDSL) for writing WebAssembly.

What Our Community Says About SwapDEX

Join a knowledgeable and helpful community of DeFi enthusiasts all over the world.

@SwapdexO SwapDEX #SDX Chain built on a substrate framework. Low market cap total supply 200M, 110M in circulation. @kusari_network kusari #KSI is the SDX canary “Pure Innovation” chain Web 3.0 with very low market cap only 2M total supply. Both ready for lift-off in 2022 #DeFi

Crypto unchained

In crypto there are plenty maybe-candidates for a short-dated 100x.If you're looking for impressive AND sustainable gains, you're just in time for $SDX @SwapdexO Their state-of-the-art blockchain with #forklessUpgrades just went life on PancakeSwap.

Simon Hundeshagen

The most undervalued DeFi project I have found in years (100X very possible):SwapDex (SDX) @SwapdexO- Own Blockchain- integrated fast trading platform with swapping and bridging to all other blockchains- very talented Team- current MCap: 200k $

Start talking about Swapdex A sleeping giant ready to take huge steps in the defi world.Using substrate technology,already 34 million (and growing) sdx staked by it's members

100% 100X Swapdex! Live but not even listed, solid vision, tech, community... doesn't get better than that.#sdx #swapdex

@SwapdexO $SDX is worth a look. No memecoin but real state of the art blockchain tech DYOR


The pathway to multi-chain crypto assets

Thank you for 2021
In 2021 we have seen us going from strength to strength to bring you the best blockchain projects and DeFi ecosystem into 2022.
  • ☑️ Launch of Testnet Phoenix
  • ☑️ Launch of Testnet Kusari
  • ☑️ Kusari Airdrop / Claim
  • ☑️ Kusari Wiki is Live
  • ☑️ Kusari EVM Blockexplorer is Live
  • ☑️ Kusari Substrate Portal is Live
  • ☑️ Kusari Dashboard is Live (Claim, Transfer, Wallet)
Q1 2022
Mainnet & Cross-Chain Bridge Launch:
  • ☑️ SwapDEX Mainnet Launch
  • ☑️ SwapDEX Substrate Portal Live
  • ☑️ SwapDEX Dashboard Live
  • ☑️ SwapDEX Airdrop / Claim
  • ☑️ Milestone 300 / 300 Community Validators Live
  • ☑️ SwapDEX - BSC Bridge Live
  • ☑️ Pancake Swap Listing (bSDX)
Q2 2022
Marketing, Mobile App & NFTs
  • ☑️ Marketing Phase 1 (AMAs, YT Tutorials, Banner Ads)
  • ☑️ Listing SwapDEX on CMC and CoinGecko
  • ☑️ Incubated and Onboard Third Parties Projects
  • ☑️Upgrade of the EVM Chain and Binaries
  • ☑️Website Redesign
  • ☑️ Launch SwapDEX Android App & Testing
  • ☑️ Web3 Company Formation
Q3 2022
Limit-Order DEX, NFTs, and DeFi Partnerships
  • 🟢 Marketing Phase 2 (DeFi Partnerships)
  • ☑️ Launch & Test SwapDEX iOS Mobile App
  • ☑️ New Dashboard Chain Web-App
  • ☑️ Polygon (MATIC) EVM Bridge Live
  • ⬛ Launch NFT Marketplace (Substrate)
  • ⬛ Mint & Distribute Chain NFTs
  • ⬛ Launch Liquidity Pools
  • ⬛ Swap App (Automatic Market Maker)
  • ⬛ Launch Limit-Order DEX
  • ⬛ Apply for DOT Parachain Slot
Q4 2022
Bridges, CEX Listing & Metaverse
  • ⬛ Marketing Phase 3 (CEX Listings & Project Outreach)
  • ⬛ Launchpad for on Chain New Projects
  • ⬛ EVM Bridge Build-out (ETH, Avalanche, etc.)
  • ⬛ Research & Develop Stable Coin (SwapDEX Dollar)
  • ⬛ First Test Phase of SwapDEX Metaverse

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Our mission is to revolutionise the future of DeFi by providing the industry-leading blockchain, exchange, and end to end financial platform within a community-governed ecosystem.