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The Process

Purchase a minimum of $25 USD worth of bSDX
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Submit the claim form below
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Receive email confirmation
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Create a support ticket on our discord server
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Claim Form

Submit the Form and receive a confirmation mail with further instructions.

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Erroneous submissions lead to an automatic disqualification for the ongoing offer

Terms & Conditions

Who is elegible for this offer?

This offer can only be redeemed once and is only valid for users that purchased a minimum of $25 USD worth of bSDX. The redeemed SDX coins are vested for six months.

Are my coins vested?

Yes your SDX coins are vested for six months, meaning you can use them for staking, governance or validator operations but you cannot sell them.

Why do I need to add my discord handle?

In the next step of the process you will need to join our discord server and create a ticket with a unique code and your wallet address.

How much SDX do I receive?

You will receive upto $25 USD worth of SDX coins. The exchange rate USD = SDX is determined once the transfer is made by the team and can fluctuate from time to time.

What are the next steps?

Make sure to complete all requirements before creating a discord support ticket. If the ticket does not have all information it will be deleted without prior notice and you are disqualified from the above mentioned offer.
After submission you will receive an email containing further requirements to qualify for the above mentioned offer.

Why stake and why not stake?

Why stake?
10% inflation/year
- 50% targeted active staking
- approx. 20% annual nominal return

Up until now, the network has been following an inflation model. The ideal staking rate is not always 50%. Keep in mind that when the system's staking rate is lower than the ideal staking rate, the annual nominal return rate will be higher than 20%, encouraging more users to use their tokens for staking. On the contrary, when the system staking rate is higher than the ideal staking rate, the annual nominal return of will be less than 20%, encouraging some users to withdraw.

Why not stake?
Tokens will be locked for about 7 days after unbonding.
Punishment in case of validator found to be misbehaving (see s).